Drunk Christmas Cards: Our Annual Tradition

Nov 05, 2020

Every year, my wife and I sit down in December, and do Drunk Christmas Cards.

What is a Drunk Christmas Card

I could spend a lot of screen space telling you about it, or you can go look at the site. I know you’ll do the right thing.

Oh. You’re still here. Well. A Drunk Christmas Card is created when drinks are had, and Christmas Cheer is shared in the form of a card! We get drunk on random booze, and then, using notes provided by you, we try to write up cheerful and amazing cards that you will cherish for at least 30 seconds.

200 Cards

This year, we’re looking to hit at least 200 cards. That’s a lot, but the form has been up for less than a week at the time of publishing. We’re at 177 already, so we’ll likely get there. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sign up. We think everyone should get one.

So, if you’re signing up, remember to share the site on Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, whatever social media you prefer. You can even post it on Ello if you want, but I’ll wonder why.

People Say…

Quite definitely and entertainingly sloshed!


The best mail is drunken mail from Elgin. Best opened wasted 😉


Yule be a fool if you miss out on drunken holiday greetings


What more incentive do you need? Sign up for a card today! You (probably) won’t regret it*.

*My liver will.