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There was an attack last night. I don’t know who perpetrated the attack. I don’t know how many people were involved. I do not know the extent or existence of a network involved with this attack. I do not know the total number dead. I do not know the total number injured.

There’s a lot that I don’t know.

But here’s what I do know: Terrorist attacks are an attempt to change mentality. They’re meant to strike fear into the hearts of the targets. These are attacks by cowardly individuals with ideologies that are based on suppression and destruction.

Anyone who performs an attack like this is afraid. They’re afraid of a new ideology. They want to push back against, and change, an opinion or belief that is antithetical to theirs. Knowing that they cannot change minds with logic, they resort to inflicting violence on innocents to attempt to change the view. To narrow the vision or scope.

Donald Trump called them losers this morning. But they are only losers if we win. We win by refusing to bow our heads to fear. We win by holding our heads high, going to concerts, promoting human rights, prosecuting indignities, helping our fellow man, and being the light that shines in a world of darkness.

We lose if we let fear drive our actions.

We win by not changing the course. Our course of action made them target us. It has them scared. It has them lashing out like rabid animals backed into a corner because they know that we come bearing a torch of light that will burn away the darkness they hide in.

It is making them lose. This course of action is not military might. It is not bombs dropped on foreign citizens, or breaking up tunnels underground. It is a steady walk towards peace, justice, truth, and knowledge. It is sharing information with each other. Offering a helping hand. Education, compassion, and courage to walk alone.

There are scary things in the world. It is dangerous. It is unsafe. You can hide from it if you want, but you shouldn’t. You should stand tall, knowing that your way of life is terrifying to those who would hold others back. You’re a part of the bright light illuminating the darkest reaches of our world. Stand proud, stand united, and don’t back down.

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