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For my Birthday, Elgin and I were sent to an Escape Room in Chicago. It was based on the Resident Evil Franchise, and was a recreation of the escape room that was done at a convention for the release of Resident Evil 7. All in all, it was a good experience, and I maintain my streak of successfully getting out of escape rooms. We had 2:37 seconds left when the final puzzle was completed.

The idea here was that we were fresh recruits for Umbrella, the company that creates the virus in the Resident Evil series. The Escape Room is a simulation that will test our abilities – if we succeed, we become fully vested agents in Umbrella Corporation. If we fail… Well. Who’s to say?

We met up with another group, consisting of two guys and one girl. The guys seemed nice enough, and the girl was quiet. As we all went in to the escape room, we started rummaging around for clues. We found several, and started working out a couple of the different puzzles. The puzzles were a mix of old-and-new stuff from the games. Several plants from the series, (including a map, a badge, and even an entire puzzle from one of the games) and some newer, interesting puzzles made the experience really fun.

Unfortunately, not every aspect of the experience was fun. Specifically, the two guys we were with tried to steamroll Elgin and the other girl they brought with them. (It turns out she was dating one of the guys, but didn’t seem to really like either of them.) Multiple times they had good ideas that were either taken, (as in credit for the idea was taken) by one of the two guys, or they were outright ignored. That actually cost us over 5 minutes because both of the guys started shouting over the other girl’s voice as she was trying to give us an answer to a problem. They took credit for her answer of another problem, and then threw a bunch of boxes at her to “clean up” as they went into the next room to try and solve a problem. To which they again shouted and talked over everyone in an effort to be the one to “solve” the puzzle.

The moderator/helper actually felt so awkward about it at one point that she stopped everyone in the room from talking, just to say, “Hey, guys. Your girl here has a possible answer. Maybe listen.” – Elgin then provided an answer to the puzzle. Instead of thanking her, the guys turned around a moment later and shoved her and the other girl out of the way just so they could get out of the room faster.

The room was three rooms, in total. Which was cool. There were plenty of kick-backs to Resident Evil. The only thing I missed from the room itself was when it started. Nobody said, “RESIDENT. EVIL.” In the dark, grating, Evil voice that we get at the start of the games.

But I guess that’s not so bad.

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