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I won’t lie to you. I care about who you vote for. I don’t like Donald Trump, and I can’t find a cohesive reason to not vote for Hillary Clinton. I’ve read about her lies, (every person lies; not overly concerned about whether or not she has a few times) Her E-Mail server, (I’m not bothered that she used one) Benghazi, (The Unlimited Budget, the 10 committees, the 13 reports, the >250 witnesses testifying, the >3,000 questions asked, all of which found no wrongdoing on the part of the Administration), her defense of a child rapist, (required to by law; tried to get out of it), Foreign Money into the Clinton Foundation, (Hillary isn’t on the board of directors) Bill Clinton’s sex scandals, (This has been tried in the court of public opinion for years; there’s little to talk about here.)

So. I think you should vote for Clinton. Johnson, Stein, McMullin, and Castle don’t want to be President. I don’t know what their ultimate goal was, but it certainly wasn’t Presidential Election. They don’t want a revolution, either, so far as I can tell. Because they want to keep our same voting system in place. So don’t believe them when they say, “We want a 3rd party!” – They don’t. At best they want to replace a current major party. At worse, they want to take your money and use it for something other than politics.

But you should still vote. If you disagree with me, that’s fine. If you agree with me, that’s fine. But you should ABSOLUTELY VOTE. It matters; even though we have an electoral college, individual votes STILL MATTER. They matter for President, they matter even more for Governor, (I prefer Chris Koster), for Attorney General, (I prefer Teresa Hensley), for Senator, (Jason Kander) for Missouri’s 3rd District Representative, (I am writing my girlfriend’s name in here, as I do not at all agree with any of the candidates. Elgin Wilson for Missouri’s 3rd District Representative.) for Lt. Governor, (I prefer Russ Carnahan) Secretary of State (I will be writing my name in here; I disagree with the Republican and Libertarian candidate, and I have no information on how Robin Smith views the issues.) and for Stat Treasurer (I like Judy Baker; Eric Schmitt’s entire plan is to run against Obama, which is just an attempt to manipulate voters.)

There are ballot initiatives too, Amendments, (1: yes, 2: yes, 3: no, No, 4: yes, 6: No), Propositions: (A: No), and local people to vote for, assuming there are people running. (Which there might not be; some are running unopposed, which is a problem in and of itself.)

Your vote matters. Your vote CAN make a difference, from the bottom up, and the top down. So get out there and vote.

(And also sign up for a Drunk Christmas Card)

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