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This weekend was my birthday. I turned 30. I am now, as I told my sister, officially old.

A year ago, as I was turning 29, I expected to be in Missouri for my 30th birthday. I expected to hold a celebration, inviting people over to my home. A bit of food, some presents, and hopefully a few pranks to make me feel old. That’s how I wanted to celebrate. It seemed to be the appropriate way to celebrate turning 30, and realizing that at least 1/3rd of my life was now behind me.

That got derailed in August when I decided to take a job in New York. Instead of having friends all around on my birthday, I would be alone, or so I thought. I would spend the day at work, typing away on my keyboard, trying to get something done. I wouldn’t be able to have the large party I’d envisioned. I would just silently become 30, and my life wouldn’t change in the least. Just another tick of time as we circle the clock of life.

But that didn’t happen, either. The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, or so we’re told.

I celebrated my birthday by going bowling with my girlfriend, and then we went to see the new Batman vs Superman movie. It was good; I won’t spoil it for you. We then went to dinner, a place called Blackbirds’ Grille. I had a NY Strip Steak, a bowl of French Onion Soup, and shrimp on a bed of rice covered in cajun sauce. It was delicious, and a fantastic birthday dinner.

I was afraid that I would be disappointed with the low-key event; I normally go “big” for my birthday, because it’s an excuse for all of my friends to get in one location and chill together. I went to sleep that night pleasantly surprised at how happy I was with the day’s events. It was a good birthday, spent in the best company possible. Made better by the fact that earlier in the month four friends drove in from Missouri to spend some time with me. I enjoyed their visit greatly too.

At 12:10AM, I was given my birthday present: a Star Wars Coloring book. It looks fantastic; I can’t wait to dive into it. I just purchased a new box of Colored Pencils to use with it.

I also bought myself a new car. It’s a 2015 Nissan Altima – used, but with only 30,000 miles on it. It’s charcoal grey, with a black interior. It also has a backup camera – not that it was a feature that I absolutely wanted or anything. (It totally was.) I told Elgin that I bought it because of her; I didn’t want to be driving around my older car that has a few issues when she was here. That’s partially true. I’ve wanted this car since December, when I rented one just like it. I would have preferred black, but this color is nice too.

Saturday I went into New York City. We hopped a Grayline bus, enjoyed a trip around all of the famous Downtown locations, (didn’t get to see the Statue; maybe next time.) We did get to walk through Time’s Square, ride the train into the city, see lots of really cool buildings, hang out in Central Park and go to a zoo. We also saw the Empire State Building and took some cool photos while we were up there. All in all a fun day.

It’s going to be a long wait until June, when I fly back to Missouri for a wedding. August cannot get here soon enough.

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